Career Scope of Embedded Systems

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Career Scope of Embedded Systems

Most of the students are not much aware of the profitable opportunities that are available in the Embedded Systems field. Majority graduates run after the popular IT industry to look forward to a career growth. There are two major reasons; they are lack of awareness and entry barrier. When learning majority students can come across the name “Embedded Systems”. Apart from this, they are not aware of “what is known as embedded systems”, how do they work, what skills and knowledge must be obtained to develop a great career in the embedded systems field, and which companies are working in this field and so on. If it is the computer science case, the industry is known as the profitable IT industry.

The leading companies which include Adobe, Google, Microsoft, and there are many medium and smaller ones. There are various service-based IT firms such as Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, etc. Skills and knowledge needed are specifically about technologies and programming languages such as C & C++, Php, Python,, Java, and so on. Any of the fresher with a basic knowledge and skill may get a job in the IT industry and that too using a good entry-level salary. Learn Embedded Training in Chennai and enhance your career.

Do you have any idea about the leading players in this industry? Have a look here.

They design gadgets and mobile phones, consumer electronics such as air conditioners, television, microwave oven, washing machine etc. You should know the fact that there are n no of competitors for Samsung who create similar products. Almost all these products contain embedded systems using its own software and hardware. For e.g., In an air conditioner functions such as intelligent room temperature control which would be controlled by the embedded device that is inside the air conditioner.

They design products in the medical electronics field and automation industry. The products will be radiology machines, cardiograph machines, Doppler, scanner and so on. It is a huge list.

They create products for automotive industry.

I mentioned 3 companies which are serving 3 various industries. There are numerous other companies in the embedded systems field providing different kinds of consultation, product building, and services.

Now that you got some idea about companies which can provide a job in the embedded systems. The basic requirements for the career in embedded systems would be a graduation or post-graduation in electronics. There are numerous courses that are offered by several kinds of universities. but the easy entry is for the engineering degree holders in various streams of electronic engineering such as Electronics and instrumentation, Electronics and Communications, Electrical and electronics, etc. Embedded System Course offers you the greater knowledge to improve your skills.

Knowledge and skills that are needed in these areas include good knowledge in practical and theory of one or more micro controllers such as 8051, PIC, or AVR etc.

Freshers will improve their knowledge in areas specifically in C programming and controllers by taking a good training after their graduation. Fresh graduates almost take 3 to 6 months additional training. This helps them land at an entry level job, mostly in a medium level company. They obtain more knowledge at this job and then change to popular firms such as Samsung, Bosch, etc.

The first job, you take have a very high impact on your career. So beware about what you learn there, it decides the way your career is headed. Explore the best institute which offers the best Embedded system Training in Chennai.

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