IELTS Exam Format

IELTS Exam Format

Are you planning to undertake the IELTS exam? Here we provide you quick guide to identify what to expect from this popular examination. It is better to join IELTS Coaching in Chennai to travel abroad for your career growth.
The IELTS exam should be taken with paper and pencil. It takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to finish the exam. It is classified into 4 sections:

Listening- 30 minutes:
You hear voice recordings of conversations, monologues, and texts on various topics and in a range of pronunciation from native speakers. These recordings will be tough as the test goes on. Then you have time to answer the questions on the recordings to display how well you have understood them.

Reading- 60 minutes:
You are provided 3 long texts that range from the descriptive and factual to the analytical and discursive. The texts are said to be genuine and are taken from magazines, journals, newspapers, and books. Then you answer 40 questions which test your comprehension of each passage.

Writing- 60 minutes:
This section contains two tasks. First, you are provided with data in the form of a table or diagram, graph, chart, and are asked to explain and describe data, explain the stages of a process or explain the object/event, or how something works. In the second section, you may write an essay of around 250 words, in response to a question or statement, revealing your capacity to articulate and construct a brief argument. IELTS Training in Chennai offers you the course materials and information about recent updates which helps you enhance your exam score.

Speaking- 11 to 14 minutes:
You have a face to face interview with the examiner, during which you are assessed on your capacity to answer the questions, interact with the examiner and talk about familiar topics in length. During the first task, the examiner may ask you general questions about yourself, and a wide range of topics which includes family, home, work, interest and studies. During the second task, you are provided with a card that asks you to talk about a specific topic. You have one minute to prepare before speaking. The examiner then asks one or two questions on the related topic to complete this part of the test. During the final part, you will be questioned further which are connected to the topic in part 2, with a more theoretical approach this time. Each and every part lasts from four to five minutes.

Your speaking test is conducted either after break on the same day as the other 3 tests, or up to 7 days before or after. This depends on your test center. All the applicants take the same Speaking and Listening tests, but there are various Writing and Reading sections for the IELTS General and Academic Training versions. If you are undergoing the test as part of a university application, you must take the IELTS Academic. You should remember this in mind while registering to take the IELTS exam, and also notify the administrator before the test begins.

Hope this article gives you worthy information about the IELTS test Format. Find the best renowned institute that provides you IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai. Good luck!! Prepare well for the exam.

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