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Tips For Baking Cakes

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Baking Classes in Chennai

Baking is the process of cooking by dry heat typically in an oven, but can also be done on hot stones or hot ashes. There are several Baking Classes in Chennai that are conducted by various chefs and experts who give immense insight about various important aspects such as creating light blends, usage of raw materials, and setting up perfect oven temperature, etc. They derive their happiness in teaching cake baking to students and make the students bake their cakes.


Tips For Baking Cakes:

Mixing With Bananas:

When there are ripe bananas, chocolate cakes can be baked instead of banana bread. So adding ripe bananas to chocolate cakes not only keeps the cakes moist but also adds good flavor to them.

Using Parchment Papers:

Taking a double sheet of parchment papers, setting the cake pan on it, and cutting it to the right size can be done while baking layer cakes. The layers can be removed and slipped out easily as required when the paper is put on each pan.

Adding Some Crunch:

Sprinkling the butter generously with granulated sugar, coconut, and chopped nuts can be done before baking if quick toppings for applesauce or banana cakes are needed so that the cakes come out with crunchy toppings.

Keeping Frost Soft:

Adding a teaspoon full of vinegar to the boiled frosting keeps the cakes soft and doesn’t crack when the cakes are cut. These delicious frosting recipes fancy up the cakes as well.

Adding Flavors On The Bottom:

Coating the bottom of cake pans with crushed graham crackers prevents sticking and adds interesting flavors to the cakes instead of tasty toppings.

Using Whisks:

Blending the cakes with wire whisks works much faster than sifting, and there’s not much to clean up instead of using hand sifters to sift dry ingredients for baking.


Pouring Even Layers:


Spreading the butter higher around the pan outside helps obtain nice even layers when baking layer cakes.

Spreading Frost Fast:

Spreading the Frost Fast is the simple way of baking cakes when there is only a little time for frosting. Molasses can also be spread and sprinkled with coconuts for keeping the cakes warm.

Using a DIY Baking Powder:

Combining two teaspoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of cream tartar and a spoon of cornstarch can be used for making DIY baking powder and the cakes can also be baked using this.

Popping The Air Bubbles:

Cakes should be rapped on the countertop sharply before putting them into the oven using pans. So, it is mandatory to make sure that they come out of the oven perfectly which eliminates most of the air bubbles.

Thus there are several reputable Cake Baking Classes in Chennai which teach all the above tips for baking cakes efficiently in catering to the training needs of the students and market analysis.