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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer

You have chosen the date and venue for your wedding now what? You can start with the wedding photographers. Photographers capture each and every moment in the Marriage Halls Near Madipakkam, so that you can cherish the memory of your wedding forever, hence choosing them is one of the things where you need to go through a lot of discussion and searching. When it comes to photography there are a lot of styles, while the people in the industry know all these styles in and out, but for couples it can be quite intimidating. So here I am to explain some of the wedding photography styles so that you can ultimately decide to choose the right one for your dream wedding. 

Traditional Photography:

This is the most basic form of photography where the photographer takes still pictures of the bridegroom with the guests. When you are in India this type of photography can’t be avoided, since we need to include each and every relative into the album. But if you are trying to have a very small wedding where the guest list does not exceed more than 20 people you might want to consider a different photography style. Even though traditional photography is hard to ignore in India, you can always try to add another photographer who could capture the wedding with another style of your wish. 

Candid Photography: 

When traditional photography is the type where the photographer has a lot of time to prepare and coordinate each photograph, candid photography is quite the contrary. The photographers don’t ask people to stand still or even to look at the camera, they will take a step back and try to document the wedding as it is. The photographers will study the whole AC Marriage Halls in Medavakkam inorder to find the amount of natural light present at the venue and to decide whether to add artificial lights to get better results. Even though traditional and candid are polar opposites, most wedding photographers offer both types of service. 

Vintage Photography:

As the name suggests the wedding photographs will have an old vintage look. This type of photography has been on the trend recently. The photographer uses old film cameras to capture the wedding and later develop them into hard photographs using the traditional darkroom method. This does not only come to photographs it also includes creating a background that needs to reflect a vintage feel to it.  But beware since many photographers use digital cameras to shoot and later edit them to get a vintage look, having a fake vintage look to your wedding photographs is not recommended, try to ask samples and make an informed decision.

Editorial Wedding Photography:

This type of photography is highly inspired from the editorials of the glossy magazines to capture high end pictures. Even though these kinds of photographs have a fascinating output, it takes a lot of time to prepare and capture. Hence having this shoot on your wedding day can be really hectic. If that’s the case you can try to have a separate shoot before or after the wedding. So that you can concentrate on your dream wedding at the Marriage Halls in Kovilambakkam. There are three stages to this type of photography such as engagement shoot, pre wedding and post wedding shoot. Hence try to plan accordingly with your photographer so that you can have excellent editorial style pictures. 

Artistic Wedding Photography:

Following the footsteps of traditional photography the photographers add an artistic touch towards each and every photo. But try to be cautious since most of them use the same poses which have been used for many years. Like the other photography styles try to ask the samples and have an in depth discussion with your partner before diving into this photographic style. 


There are a lot of photographers out there, and it’s your decision so first try to establish what style you and your partner really want, whether it will suit your wedding schedule so that you can have the great pictures of your dream wedding at the Marriage Halls in Velachery.