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Top Features Of Salesforce Service Cloud

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Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud



  • It is the CRM platform to give support to potential customers and give quick and extra personalized assistance virtually through mobile, Gmail, SMS, Facebook, and different social platforms.
  • Potential clients or customers can get customer assistance from the different platforms with the help of the salesforce service cloud.
  • It provides extra important services that help increase consumer satisfaction. It supports companies by allowing them to resolve client issues and demands via various channels.
  • It is a SaaS service that provides a complete customer view to give more intelligent, more active, and personalized services to the clients.
  • It is developed on many salesforce matrices like ordinary events per day, events by issues, analysis time per client, etc.

Salesforce Training Online provides complete training in the salesforce service cloud under the guidance of great mentors.

Need for Salesforce Service Cloud



From the Salesforce Service Cloud introduction we get an idea of what service cloud is, Now discuss why the companies go with Salesforce Service Cloud. 



if the company cares more about its consumer services, then it should go with the Salesforce service cloud. In each field like B2B or Business to Customer), the organization receives the client queries in the sort of tickets.



The tickets are received by service agents, and they should be fixed in time duration to give the most beneficial customer support. The service cloud salesforce allows the companies to follow, fix, and seals tickets efficiently.



Salesforce Training in Chennai at FITA Academy focuses on whole concepts of salesforce from the basic to advanced level.



Some Important salesforce service cloud features:



Improves the Tickets Agent’s Production

While using this service cloud salesforce, Query ticket agents could log in and fix the issues from any place and the service console can be viewed from various devices like Mobiles and laptops. It improves the production of a Ticket agent, and client issues can be fixed on time.



Active Status Tracking

The agent can able to track the tickets more quickly and gets resolve them. With the support of the Service cloud, Agents can identify the duplicity of tickets.



Combining the Social Media Channels

The ticket agents are able to communicate with the clients on social media channels such as FB, Linkedin, etc. It supports developing and maintaining customer comfort.



Data Security

It is important salesforce service cloud features, using this salesforce Service cloud, the client data, communication, and other databases are completely protected. It runs on the multilayer concept to hold important data more secure.

To know more about Salesforce Service Cloud, Visit Salesforce Course in Chennai, they offer complete guidance.


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The retirement home will have access to all the things within the community. The retirement village will have all the necessary things that are required for living including entertainment. As it is a community based it will have like minded people residing there. This is for people above 55 who have retired from their jobs. There is one main difference between retirement homes and traditional nursing homes. In the retirement homes everyone will have separate flats for themselves. This is through buying a home for themselves or renting the house. So it means one can decorate the house to their wish and have pets with them. So the retirement community in Chennai can be searched to know about all the advantages that one can avail.

Advantages of retirement homes:

The senior citizens retirement homes in Chennai will have the following advantages.

  • Maintain independence
  • Staying social
  • Physical activity
  • Home maintenance

Maintain independence:

One of the main benefits of living in retirement homes is that they can be independent. For those who worked repeatedly for this many years can never be fully dependent on someone else. In this they will have a separate house where they can live independently without depending on someone else. However there will be someone available to support in anything. This will help in having a peace of mind. This will help in getting old without actually feeling old.

Staying social:

One of the most important advantages is that the elderly people will have easy social engagement. As it will be hard for the elderly people to take transport to get indulged in social activity. The retirement village will promote social activity which will not require any planning for the event. So this way they can meet people and make new friends. Some retirement communities will also have off-site transportation facilities. Just because someone is old they don’t have to lose interest in the things they like.

Physical activity:

For a human being at any age one of the main things they should do is physical activity. As a human age the metabolism will decrease and which will result in losing the bone and muscle mass. So when one does regular physical activity it will help in preventing the deterioration of the bone and muscles. This will help in having a healthy heart and will fill the life with endorphins. So when living in a retirement community there will be activity which is appropriate for the age. There will be people trained in senior health and safety and they will help when doing the specialized training programs.

Home maintenance:

One of the main challenges the senior citizens face is the home maintenance. Staying in a place which requires repair will be quite uneasy. Even though they can do some work, it is quite a risk as if they fall and sustain any kind of injury during cleaning. So these jobs can easily be outsourced and they can just focus on being happy and staying alive and living life.



How Does Massage Therapy Help In Balancing The Chakras In Your Body?

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We are running after our work to make money even without having our breakfast. Have we thought of our body functionality or have you took care of your body in a good way. Our ancestors believed that our body functions only because of the seven chakras. These chakras regulate our physical, mental and spiritual body. In this blog, know-how does massage therapy help in balancing the chakras in your body. If you are looking for a Massage Center in Velachery then enter into Le Bliss Spa. Book your appointment right now and enjoy your massage.

What is a chakra?

The word chakra will remind you of the yoga classes during your schooldays. The meaning of chakra is a wheel of energy points in the Sanskrit language. Itis said to be 114 different chakras in our body among them there are seven main chakras. Each chakra has a specific name, number and benefits. The seven chakras are root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These chakras can be regulated by massage therapy. Now you will have a question “what is chakra massage?”. Here is your answer, the massage that is designed to remove the blockages in the chakras is called chakra massage. If you are looking for a chakra Massage Near Me then enter Le Bliss Spa. 

What are energy channels?

The energy that flows in our body is called life energy or chi energy. The meridians in which they flow are called the energy channels. The blockages in the energy to the meridians may lead to an imbalance in the physical body. This energy flow is responsible for our thinking, emotions, sleep and all over the body functioning.

The Seven Chakras

Let us discuss the seven charas briefly further. If you are seeking a Body Massage in Anna Nagar then enter into Le Bliss Spa. Know more about the seven chakras by reading this blog further. 

Root chakra

This chakra is located in the region of the spine. This chakra is represented in red colour and is responsible for physical strength, muscle stability and range of motion. Blockages in this chakra may result in bone problems(arthritis), dehydration and mental stress. By getting a chakra balance massage you can remove the blockage in this chakra. This root chakra massage will give many benefits.

Sacral chakra

This chakra is situated exactly below the belly region. The sacral chakra is indicated in the orange colour and is responsible for the hormone secretion, creativity and fat accumulation. Blockage in this chakra leads to back pain, urinary infection, emotionally down and feel stressed.

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located at the upper abdomen in the stomach region. It is represented in yellow colour and is responsible for self-esteem and confidence level. If there is any blockage in this chakra that may lead to ulcer, indigestion, eating disorder and reduces our confidence level. If you want to regulate your solar plexus chakra then enter the best Spa in Velachery.

Heart chakras

This heart chakra is located in the centre of the heart that is also called the “heart centre”. It is indicated in green colour that means love and affection. Blockage in this chakra will give you a heart attack, a low supply of oxygen to the heart, asthma, blood pressure and weight loss. 

Throat chakra

As the name indicates this chakra is situated in the throat region. The colour of indication for this throat chakra is blue and this chakra promotes good communication. If this chakra is blocked, then you will face issues like throat pain, dominating speaking and have trouble with communication. 

Third eye chakra

This chakra is located in between the two eyebrows and is popularly known as “brow chakra”. This chakra is indicated in the indigo colour and this chakra is responsible for imagination and intuition. As the third eye chakra is located in the head region, it shows symptoms like headache, migraine, hearing problems and eyesight problems.  

Crown chakra

Crown chakra is situated at the top of the head which is represented in the white or violet colour. This chakra is responsible for thinking and intelligence. The blockages in the chakra will lead to stubborn, narrow-minded, negative thoughts and rudeness. When this chakra is open, it opens up other chakras and gives you positive energy and bliss.

Massages that balances the chakras

There are many massages and some among them help in balancing the chakras. If you are searching for a Massage Centre in Anna Nagar then enter into Le Bliss Spa. 

Deep tissue massage

This massage benefits you in enormous ways and one of them is balancing the chakras in the body. This massage is especially for bone issues and muscular problems. The techniques in this massage are high pressure, long strokes and compression. Performing these techniques on the body surface will give relief from muscle pain and muscle knots. This massage helps in treating the deep layer of the muscles in the body. The energy flow in the body gets regulated and also all the blockages get removed. This makes the chakras function without any blockages. This massage includes some of the chakra massage techniques.


The second massage that is most effective on the chakras is chakra foot reflexology massage. This massage is entirely based on the reflexology points on the foot. Giving pressure on these points will remove the blockages in the energy channel and also promotes good blood circulation in the body. The sciatic nerve is connected from the spine to the leg, giving pressure on this point will regulate the root chakra. The solar plexus point is linked to the third chakra and there are many reflexology points in the foot that regulates the chakras.

Thai massage

Thai massage is the only massage that includes the yoga practice during the massage session. As we all know the yoga aasnam benefits us in many ways. But this massage mainly concentrates on the chakras and regulate them. The stretches included in this massage helps in reducing all the muscle pain and joint pain. This will remove the blockages in the energy meridian and improves the energy flow in the body. 

In this blog, we have discussed the seven chakras in the body and the massages that benefit the chakras. If you are looking for a Massage in Chennai then enter into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you both massage and spa services.

How to test the authenticity of the Kanchipuram saree?

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test the authenticity of the Kanchipuram saree

Who will not love the classiness of the Kanchipuram silk saree? But what if there are many fake products in the market. So these are to be tested to find if they are pure and not the fake stuff. As most people will likely buy the silk saree for the marriage. These are the best choice when choosing bridal sarees. There are some ways in which the authenticity of the product can be found.

The different test that is involved in finding the authenticity of the silk

  • Color palette
  • Feel
  • Luster
  • Ring test
  • Silk hallmark
  • Zari test
  • Weaving pattern
  • Rough raw edges
  • Three ply silk

Color palette:

The Kanchipuram silk saree which originally will have a striking combination of color. The contrast color between the body and the pallu of the saree is the first thing which can help in identifying if it is pure or not. Similar shades mean it is a duplicate product.


When touching the fabric it feels feathery and is very smooth. It is better to move the hand around the saree before purchasing the saree to feel the smoothness of it. If there is any rough patch in the body of the saree then it is clearly a fake product.


The Kanchipuram silk sarees special feature is its appearance is lustrous. When kept under a certain angle with the light then the saree will shine. If the saree has dull appeal then it is a fake saree. Its appearance is smooth and has a soft texture.

Ring test:

It is one of the easiest and an effective test. When the saree passes through the orifice of the ring easily then it is likely to be an original product. If it didn’t happen then it is a fake product.

Silk hallmark:

The pure silk is marked with the authentic silk hallmark by the central silk board of India. It is to certify the authenticity of the silk. For measuring the authenticity it is better to check the saree before buying it.

Zari test:

In the authentic silk saree the zari work is done by twisting the red silk thread with the silver thread which is dipped in the gold zari. So when touching it will give a reddish appearance. So with the reddish appearance it is the original product. When the fake product is scratched it gives a pink appearance.

Weaving pattern:

Wrap and weft textile pattern is used in the Kanchipuram silk which is handcrafted. It is best to turn the saree upside down when wanting to buy a saree and check the weaving pattern of the saree.

Rough raw edges:

The mulberry silk is used for the Kanchipuram silk. It is one of the softest silk. So when the person feels through the edges of the saree, if it has rough edges then it is a fake product. As the Kanchipuram silk will not have any roughness.

Three ply silk:

The real Kanchipuram silk will have three ply silk. So it is better to check whether the saree has two ply silk or three ply silk. If the saree does not have three ply silk then it is clearly not an original product. With this way it can easily be differentiated between the original and fake product.

 These are some of the ways by which the original Kanchipuram sarees can be identified.


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The hearing loss is caused due to the exposure of loud music or due to the ageing. However most of the people who are of age above 65 tend to have their hearing deteriorated. Not all the hearing aid problems can be treated by the doctors. The hearing loss is of three types they are

  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Mixed hearing loss

These can be treated in the hearing aid Centre in Chennai. Getting proper treatment will be advisable for any kind of problem.


There are two types of hearing aids

  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid
  • Canal hearing aid

In-the-ear hearing aid

For the mild and severe hearing problem in ear hearing aid is used. It is usually placed in the outer ear. Hard plastic is used in making of the case which holds the electrical compound. Telecoil feature is added in some of the in the ear machines. Rather than using the microphone to receive the sound, with the telecoil which is a magnetic coil the sound can be received through the circuit. So the conversation on the phone can be easily understood. The induction loop system is a feature which lets you hear in a public facility which is installed in the sound system.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

 As stated in the name this contains a hard plastic which is used for holding the aid. It is used to hold the aid from behind the ear and the ear mould is connected to it which is placed inside the ear. The sound traveled through the mould to the ear. This is used by people with mild hearing loss. The BTE consists of a new model that is the open fit hearing aid. It is fitted behind the ear and consists of a pipe with which it is sent inside the canal and it is left open. This is generally used for the people who have built up earwax.

Canal aid

The canal aid is classified into two types

  • In-the-canal hearing aid
  • Completely-in-canal hearing aid

The in the canal hearing aid is personalized and are made according to the shape of the person’s ear. The complete canal is placed inside the ear and is hidden to the view of others. Both hearing aids are made for the moderate hearing loss patients. It is not easy to adjust or remove by the person wearing it. As it is a small device so there is less space for the battery or addition of the telecoils. It is not recommended for children and those with severe hearing loss as it has less power with the small size of the machine.

One can also search for the hearing aid centre near me to know about all the possibilities of where they treat the hearing aid problem.

Three Common Wedding Outfits Were Worn By The Brides

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bridal sarees

Weddings are the happiest and joyful season for every bride. They are going to start a new life with all the blessings to prosper ahead. So, brides make this big day even more bright and grand through their outfits. They want the best attire to be shopped and worn at the wedding. Some make it through and look stunning at their wedding. But, some brides fail in the process and get criticized by the guest. Hence, brides mostly stick to the Kanjivaram silk saree to avoid unnecessary stress and look flawless in this outfit. However, as the trend changes constantly, many brides choose lehenga, gowns, sharara, and many more. Hence, in this post, listed are some of the common outfits for the wedding.

Silk saree:

Whatever may be the year or century, it is the evergreen option for the wedding. It’s been in practice since so many traditions and every bride looks royal in this outfit. There are many types of silk saree, banarasi, Bhagalpuri, Mysore, and many more. But silk saree from Kanchipuram is the most famous outfit worldwide. Top celebrities wear Kanchipuram sarees for their wedding. Kanchipuram sarees represent the tradition of South India and are worn for religious and wedding ceremonies. The Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees below 10000 are also weaved with golden threads, and hence every bride can afford them.


Traditionally lehengas were mostly worn by the North Indian brides. But, as time changes, South Indian brides too chose lehengas for their wedding or reception. It comprises a blouse, floor-length skirt, and a dupatta. They were designed with ornamental stones, flowers, golden threads, and many more to enhance the richness of the celebration. The gota patti embroidery is the common pattern in the wedding lehengas.

Wedding gowns:

Another trendsetter at the wedding is the wedding gowns. Gowns are worn for sangeet, engagement, reception, and cocktail parties. There are different types like a ball, empire, A-line mermaid, and sheath. Hence, it is easy for the brides to choose according to their style and preferences. Silk and chiffon are excellent fabrics for gowns. Therefore, choose an elegant hairdo, one-piece stone, or pearl jewelry with a clutch for a stunning look.

Therefore, these are the common bridal outfits mostly worn by brides at the wedding. However, bridal sarees stand out of all the options because of their elegance and grandeur.


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When the building speaks for itself it shows the talent and the experience of an architect. The art of designing is always immortal, the beauty should be perished. The architecture should adapt to timelessness  and should be open to all time and place. Architecture of a building should speak of its time and place.

So when deciding to study architecture courses one should first search for the best architecture college in Chennai.

Types of architect

Architects  are classified into different types such as residential architect, commercial architect, interior architect, green design architect, urban designer and industrial architect. With many options the job opportunity is also wide. But first one should write NATA exams. Only when you get a good score can you pursue your career in a reputed college. To write the exam well, people should join the best NATA coaching centre in chennai

Residential architect

Houses, apartments, villas and apartment buildings will come under the residential architect. It is a building designed to accommodate the residents. The architect will go and discuss with the customer and plan a design according to their requirement and then they plan and arrive at a suitable budget for all activities.

Commercial architect

The commercial architects are the ones who will design the commercial buildings such as office, shopping complex, hospital and other such non residential places. The architect should understand the codes of it and consider the financial and safety regulations.

Interior architect

The interior architect has a license so they should consider both the decor and the safety measure while designing. They need to have sufficient knowledge in combining the science of architecture along with creative design.

Green design architect

With the building activity the climatic condition is deteriorating so to avoid this the design should be made sustainable and environment friendly. They should consider the environmental aspects and build according to it.

Urban designer

The urban designers are the ones who plan and design for the whole city rather than one single house or shop. They will plan the whole area as to where the house or a shop will be constructed. The road and other pathways will also be designed by them.

Industrial architect

The industrial architect will design warehouse, powerplant, factory, storage buildings. They should understand the process occurring there and should incorporate and plan according to the convenience. They must consider all the safety regulations and plan the design to comply with all the necessary rules set by the respective authorities.

So with a wide variety of architectural courses there will be many job opportunities. So to obtain it first one should search for the top architecture college in chennai

Serviced residences in principle and their advantages

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Luxury apartments

What Are Maintained Homes?

Serviced apartments are self-contained, newly renovated residences with all of the amenities and furnishings you’ll use for a long visit away from home. It was like owning an apartment property with service quality. Because of the room they provide visitors, managed residences have a more complete structure, with safe living and resting quarters. However, Luxury apartments in Chennai offer more than just an area. Most corporations were planning to reduce overall transport costs, and serviced apartments can save them a lot of money when compared to standard hotel accommodation. Considering the modern practice of outsourced and exporting management services, Home buildings are a sensible choice to resorts for short visits for industry travelers, offering short-term projects and adjusted agreements.


Leaders in the company are drawn to apartment complexes because of their expense, that is one of the factors why the industry of that kind of housing is continually rising. The selling cost for such flats is not better on average than a professional hotel rate however, the additional wage costs are also less. The lack of restaurant bills, room processing fees, and pub expenses comes in the most significant savings on such added fees. Maintained flats in Chennai come equipped with a kitchen so that visitors can prepare their meals. It implies that visitors spend grocery costs for meals rather than dining pricing, and the business bill, of course, is free of additional fees.


Furnished flats are appealing including both individuals and corporate bookings because of their diversity in terms of visit period. Across most situations, just one length of stay is just no longer expected, and conditions have become increasingly open in strategies to succeed with hotels. Getting a luxury home in Chennai gives a group or children an extra area than a hotel lobby, help families who have to sneak into a hotel place every night to avoid disturbing their newborn babies better leisure.


Fully furnished facilities are a regular feature of residence complexes, as well as the ability to self-cater is a big draw for visitors. Whenever you consider special health restrictions or families with little kids in temporary housing searching for a much more stable location, it becomes much more appealing. In these conditions, trying to eat out each day in a restaurant is probably to be the best dining option, especially unless the child’s food offers few nutritious selections.

How Kanjivaram Sarees Improve Your Composure And Beauty?

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Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram silk sarees are distinguished by their creative color schemes and wide contrasts borders, and also the highest grade genuine silk, which gives the garments a dazzling and rich appearance. Because of the beautiful zari weaving and the incorporation of elegant designs, the sarees look stunning. The colorful threads for the center and boundary are intertwined with each shuttle thrown through the korvai kanjivaram sarees. Colour isolation necessitates cautious connecting of the various colored fibers. Kanchipuram is known as the “silk capital” since its residents make a living by manufacturing various varieties of silk sarees. The elegant and stylish sarees in the website collection exhibit beauty and class.

Which Makes Kanjivaram Silk Sarees So Special?

These sarees are made of 100% silk and feature beautiful zari designs. These patterns are made up of silvery or gold-dipped downy feathers. The intricate designs that have been interlaced across the center of the saree, such as the zari borders, are what set those sarees apart. Creatures, human beings, wildlife, florals, and other themes inspire the themes, which are weaved into the saree’s borders and gather the data. The frames are made up of different colors with geometric patterns incorporated. Due to the sheer delicate number weaving in dazzling fibers, top quality sheen, and smooth finish, Traditional kanjivaram sarees are highly expensive. To keep these garments looking new for years, store items in linen sheets away from direct sunlight and sunshine.

Process of Kanjivaram Silks

Two materials, zari, and fabric are used in these wedding dresses. Gujarat-sourced genuine mulberry cloth is intertwined with silvery zari and gleaming golden threading. The outfit is woven using 3 looms in total. The saree’s edge is weaved in complementing colors, while the pallu is weaved independently and joined to sarees subsequently. The saree’s body is decorated with line segments, stripes. Elegant pallus with magnificent designs infused in it are seen on the more expensive varieties. 

Kanchipuram is completely enamored well with the art of weaving. In the Kanchi Pattu variation, the latest styles such as the use of ornamentation such as pearls, gemstones. These silver kanjeevaram saree are worn at marriages, festivals, and other special events. These are not just popular in Tamil Nadu, but people from all over India adore them because of their beauty and attraction.

How Signboards Communicate And Impress Through Display?

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The use of advertising signs or branding to transmit different symbols to communicate a sense is known as advertising. It’s for the sake of promotion. The term LED signboards in Chennai refers to the group of signals. Colorful visuals that effectively communicate through a screen are known as signage. It is a method of obtaining data that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. In promotional campaigns, signage plays a significant role.

Essential Of Signage

Signage is a crucial component of good communications and shows your company’s brand. An excellent Signage is stylish, affordable, and extremely long-lasting, and this also suits the ambiance of the location. A positive indication consists of a unique design, texture, sign system, color, and a pleasing background that all work together in harmony.

Benefit of Signboards

Large signs and lettering apply to all kinds of companies. Therefore, you should develop an appropriate strategy that meets a well-conceived, created, and implemented trademark to satisfy a customer’s commercial demands. Presently, the cutting-edge method utilizes creativity, advanced visual technology, and polymer design to create cost-effective presenting displays and signs. Name board makers in Chennai have recently been discovered, combined with a wide range of eye-catching signs. Constructing altitude lights, backlight signboards, 3D textured signage, Halogen illuminated symbols, and several types of Neon signboard sections are just a few examples. In terms of digital choices, they are fantastic.

3D Signage Letters

Hospitals, gas stations, industry sections, shopping complexes, cafes, Technology campuses, and retail stores all benefit from 3d printing signs. The third category in 3D graphics is depth. Those signs stick out against the background of typical plain posters and win the hearts of passers-by. Metal, Copper, Polycarbonate, Plastic, Acrylic, GI, and SS are some of the best materials for 3D signs lettering. The 3D letters in Chennai are simple to install on windows, blocks, drywall, timber, and other surfaces.

Digitalization and signs are used to show information and are available in a multitude of sizes and styles for the needs of every individual. Advertisements, enormous posters, and paintings to minor number plate signage, road signs, and bumper stickers to cardboard signs are all examples of signage that differ in length, purpose, and placement.