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We are running after our work to make money even without having our breakfast. Have we thought of our body functionality or have you took care of your body in a good way. Our ancestors believed that our body functions only because of the seven chakras. These chakras regulate our physical, mental and spiritual body. In this blog, know-how does massage therapy help in balancing the chakras in your body. If you are looking for a Massage Center in Velachery then enter into Le Bliss Spa. Book your appointment right now and enjoy your massage.

What is a chakra?

The word chakra will remind you of the yoga classes during your schooldays. The meaning of chakra is a wheel of energy points in the Sanskrit language. Itis said to be 114 different chakras in our body among them there are seven main chakras. Each chakra has a specific name, number and benefits. The seven chakras are root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These chakras can be regulated by massage therapy. Now you will have a question “what is chakra massage?”. Here is your answer, the massage that is designed to remove the blockages in the chakras is called chakra massage. If you are looking for a chakra Massage Near Me then enter Le Bliss Spa. 

What are energy channels?

The energy that flows in our body is called life energy or chi energy. The meridians in which they flow are called the energy channels. The blockages in the energy to the meridians may lead to an imbalance in the physical body. This energy flow is responsible for our thinking, emotions, sleep and all over the body functioning.

The Seven Chakras

Let us discuss the seven charas briefly further. If you are seeking a Body Massage in Anna Nagar then enter into Le Bliss Spa. Know more about the seven chakras by reading this blog further. 

Root chakra

This chakra is located in the region of the spine. This chakra is represented in red colour and is responsible for physical strength, muscle stability and range of motion. Blockages in this chakra may result in bone problems(arthritis), dehydration and mental stress. By getting a chakra balance massage you can remove the blockage in this chakra. This root chakra massage will give many benefits.

Sacral chakra

This chakra is situated exactly below the belly region. The sacral chakra is indicated in the orange colour and is responsible for the hormone secretion, creativity and fat accumulation. Blockage in this chakra leads to back pain, urinary infection, emotionally down and feel stressed.

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located at the upper abdomen in the stomach region. It is represented in yellow colour and is responsible for self-esteem and confidence level. If there is any blockage in this chakra that may lead to ulcer, indigestion, eating disorder and reduces our confidence level. If you want to regulate your solar plexus chakra then enter the best Spa in Velachery.

Heart chakras

This heart chakra is located in the centre of the heart that is also called the “heart centre”. It is indicated in green colour that means love and affection. Blockage in this chakra will give you a heart attack, a low supply of oxygen to the heart, asthma, blood pressure and weight loss. 

Throat chakra

As the name indicates this chakra is situated in the throat region. The colour of indication for this throat chakra is blue and this chakra promotes good communication. If this chakra is blocked, then you will face issues like throat pain, dominating speaking and have trouble with communication. 

Third eye chakra

This chakra is located in between the two eyebrows and is popularly known as “brow chakra”. This chakra is indicated in the indigo colour and this chakra is responsible for imagination and intuition. As the third eye chakra is located in the head region, it shows symptoms like headache, migraine, hearing problems and eyesight problems.  

Crown chakra

Crown chakra is situated at the top of the head which is represented in the white or violet colour. This chakra is responsible for thinking and intelligence. The blockages in the chakra will lead to stubborn, narrow-minded, negative thoughts and rudeness. When this chakra is open, it opens up other chakras and gives you positive energy and bliss.

Massages that balances the chakras

There are many massages and some among them help in balancing the chakras. If you are searching for a Massage Centre in Anna Nagar then enter into Le Bliss Spa. 

Deep tissue massage

This massage benefits you in enormous ways and one of them is balancing the chakras in the body. This massage is especially for bone issues and muscular problems. The techniques in this massage are high pressure, long strokes and compression. Performing these techniques on the body surface will give relief from muscle pain and muscle knots. This massage helps in treating the deep layer of the muscles in the body. The energy flow in the body gets regulated and also all the blockages get removed. This makes the chakras function without any blockages. This massage includes some of the chakra massage techniques.


The second massage that is most effective on the chakras is chakra foot reflexology massage. This massage is entirely based on the reflexology points on the foot. Giving pressure on these points will remove the blockages in the energy channel and also promotes good blood circulation in the body. The sciatic nerve is connected from the spine to the leg, giving pressure on this point will regulate the root chakra. The solar plexus point is linked to the third chakra and there are many reflexology points in the foot that regulates the chakras.

Thai massage

Thai massage is the only massage that includes the yoga practice during the massage session. As we all know the yoga aasnam benefits us in many ways. But this massage mainly concentrates on the chakras and regulate them. The stretches included in this massage helps in reducing all the muscle pain and joint pain. This will remove the blockages in the energy meridian and improves the energy flow in the body. 

In this blog, we have discussed the seven chakras in the body and the massages that benefit the chakras. If you are looking for a Massage in Chennai then enter into Le Bliss Spa. They offer you both massage and spa services.

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