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Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram silk sarees are distinguished by their creative color schemes and wide contrasts borders, and also the highest grade genuine silk, which gives the garments a dazzling and rich appearance. Because of the beautiful zari weaving and the incorporation of elegant designs, the sarees look stunning. The colorful threads for the center and boundary are intertwined with each shuttle thrown through the korvai kanjivaram sarees. Colour isolation necessitates cautious connecting of the various colored fibers. Kanchipuram is known as the “silk capital” since its residents make a living by manufacturing various varieties of silk sarees. The elegant and stylish sarees in the website collection exhibit beauty and class.

Which Makes Kanjivaram Silk Sarees So Special?

These sarees are made of 100% silk and feature beautiful zari designs. These patterns are made up of silvery or gold-dipped downy feathers. The intricate designs that have been interlaced across the center of the saree, such as the zari borders, are what set those sarees apart. Creatures, human beings, wildlife, florals, and other themes inspire the themes, which are weaved into the saree’s borders and gather the data. The frames are made up of different colors with geometric patterns incorporated. Due to the sheer delicate number weaving in dazzling fibers, top quality sheen, and smooth finish, Traditional kanjivaram sarees are highly expensive. To keep these garments looking new for years, store items in linen sheets away from direct sunlight and sunshine.

Process of Kanjivaram Silks

Two materials, zari, and fabric are used in these wedding dresses. Gujarat-sourced genuine mulberry cloth is intertwined with silvery zari and gleaming golden threading. The outfit is woven using 3 looms in total. The saree’s edge is weaved in complementing colors, while the pallu is weaved independently and joined to sarees subsequently. The saree’s body is decorated with line segments, stripes. Elegant pallus with magnificent designs infused in it are seen on the more expensive varieties. 

Kanchipuram is completely enamored well with the art of weaving. In the Kanchi Pattu variation, the latest styles such as the use of ornamentation such as pearls, gemstones. These silver kanjeevaram saree are worn at marriages, festivals, and other special events. These are not just popular in Tamil Nadu, but people from all over India adore them because of their beauty and attraction.

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