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How To Choose OS For Your Laptop Based On Your Requirements?

Choosing a laptop based on the purpose it is going to be used is quite a task. As laptops have evolved technologically, and for every job, specific categories of laptops are available and different types of OS are available.  

Following things are a checklist you need to consider while choosing a laptop:

1. Operating systems (OS)

2. Processor


3. CPU (central processing unit)


4. Graphic card


5. RAM (Random access memory)


6. ROM (Read only memory)


7. Storage


8. No. of ports


9. Webcam

These are the things that can be modified based on your core requirements. But there is this other thing you must consider before buying a branded laptop to check; if you are in Chennai, then you need to look for the brand’s laptop services in Chennai, which will help you to claim your warranty or for trustable service. The following paragraph briefly discusses the types of OS and their uses. 

How Can You Select The Components For Your Work?

Here is a short explanation of these components and how they work:

What Is An Operating System?

An operating system is a booted program which helps the other applications in the computer process the task. There are three types of OS are available:

Windows Operating System:

Bill Gates developed Windows in Microsoft on 20 November 1985, which is a leading and widely used OS. Windows OS is popular because of its user-friendly programs and cost-efficient, and you can reboot it at any authorized laptop service centre. For example, if you want to reboot your Dell laptop, you can do it at the Dell service center in Chennai. These OS are used widely for work, gaming and study preprocess.


macOS is developed for Apple computers and laptops. This OS was first released on 24 March 2001. Mac OS is known for its high-level security for the data and hard-to-break firewall systems of Mac. This OS has smooth programming efficiently for gaming and editing tasks. 

Chrome Os:

Chrome OS was developed in the year 2011 as a product for Google. This Chrome OS are only for Chromebooks from every brand. These Chromebooks are made for education and can not handle heavy workloads. These OS can also be updated in any service center. For example, if you want to give your Lenovo Chromebook for service, you can update your OS at the same Lenovo service center in Chennai.

These are the primary three OS widely in use, and many other brands are developing their OS for their Computers. Both Windows and Mac OS have several generations. Select the OS based on your needs, applications and other components.