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Prevent Forklift Damage

Every warehouse, harbor and related companies use forklift devices to shift materials from one place to another. A forklift can be considered as a truck or a hoist that lifts the goods to the maximum height and helps in stacking. This equipment is ideal to shift the products at a short distance. Sidelift and multi-directional forklift are the most commonly used devices in industrial companies. However, many manufacturing, logistics, and industrial companies have only one concern on “how to prevent forklift damage?”. In the shifting and lifting process, the products and forklift devices get damaged which can lead to an expensive repair. Most of the companies blame the damage on the forklift operator. However, the reason can be different and the damage can be caused due to internal system failure. Hence, in this post, let us see how to prevent forklift damage significantly.

Pedestrian control:

The foremost way to prevent forklift damage is to be aware of pedestrian control. So, having control over the pedestrian, the forklift driver should be cautious about the area they are working. However, it is unfair to blame the forklift driver for the system’s internal failure. But the forklift driver should be aware of the moving and non-moving equipment placed on the pedestrian. The forklift driver has been provided with backup alarms, strobe lights, blue lights, seatbelts, and related things for their and workers’ safety. Thus, making use of them at the right time and place will prevent the forklift from potential danger. These are called reactive type forklift safety solutions that can also prevent product damage. The same safety solution goes for the straddle carriers despite the size.

S3 Pedestrian Detection:

Another prime safety solution to prevent the damage of the forklift is to use the S3 pedestrian detection. The S3 pedestrian detection is the type of device incorporated with advanced machine vision technology. This technology is fitted with the forklift truck that monitors the obstruction around the device for every 30ms. Thus, if an object or person comes in the way of the truck, it alerts the forklift operator with its audio and visual alarm. But this technology works on the predefined distance of the object. It also shows the picture of the object and person on the screen to the operator for more caution. The S3 pedestrian detection does not require to add each time for the process, rather they are installed directly into the device. This type of safety solution is called a proactive safety solution.

Hence, these ways show how effectively to use the forklift by the operator to prevent the damage. Thus, be it a power pusher or a tugger use these devices to prevent on-site accidents.

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