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Important Objectives And Functions Of Construction Material Management

Material management is defined as a concept in an organization, which plans and controls distinct materials, the supply flow of raw materials, and finished goods to the architecture firms in Chennai improves the efficiency of the builders and contractors during the process of construction. It refers to the integrated approach to planning, acquisition, conversion, flow, and distribution. It begins with the quality and quantity of material, such as purchasing, production, control, storage, and inspection.

Importance Of Materials Management

  • The cost of the construction depends upon the cost of construction materials.
  • Proper storing of construction materials also helps in reducing wastage.
  • The equipment is properly utilized because there are no breakdowns due to the late supply of materials.
  • The cost of indirect materials also increases the total cost of production.
  • The loss of direct labour is avoided.
  • The investments in construction materials need to be monitored.

Objectives Of Materials Management

The primary objective is to plan efficient materials.

  • Control over buying. 
  • Receiving, storing, and procuring materials.
  • Inventory control.
  • Supply of materials.
  • Distribution of materials. 
  • Assurance of quality construction materials.
  • Having good suppliers and customer relationships.
  • Enhance the departmental efficiency

The secondary objective of construction material management is all about decision-making while procuring and storing materials. Architects in Chennai suggest a few lists of objectives for construction material management.

  • To make decision
  • Schedule of efficient production of Materials
  • Standardization and specification of materials for construction.
  • Assisting in the development and designing of products.
  • Quality control on purchased construction materials.
  • Handling of materials for minimum wastage.
  • Analyzing the value of the materials.
  • Advancing skills of the workers in material management
  • Easy flow of materials during construction. 

 Functions Of Materials Management

The primary functions of materials management are purchasing and planning the material requirements, maintaining flow and supply, monitoring quality control, and departmental efficiency of the products.

The secondary functions of materials management are standardization and simplification, design and development of construction materials, Making decisions over buying and storing materials, Identifying the material and economic quality and quantity of the materials, 

These are the main objectives and functions of construction material management. The best architects in Chennai maintain high-quality workmanship with an estimated budget and specified time.