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Top Features Of Salesforce Service Cloud

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Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud



  • It is the CRM platform to give support to potential customers and give quick and extra personalized assistance virtually through mobile, Gmail, SMS, Facebook, and different social platforms.
  • Potential clients or customers can get customer assistance from the different platforms with the help of the salesforce service cloud.
  • It provides extra important services that help increase consumer satisfaction. It supports companies by allowing them to resolve client issues and demands via various channels.
  • It is a SaaS service that provides a complete customer view to give more intelligent, more active, and personalized services to the clients.
  • It is developed on many salesforce matrices like ordinary events per day, events by issues, analysis time per client, etc.

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Need for Salesforce Service Cloud



From the Salesforce Service Cloud introduction we get an idea of what service cloud is, Now discuss why the companies go with Salesforce Service Cloud. 



if the company cares more about its consumer services, then it should go with the Salesforce service cloud. In each field like B2B or Business to Customer), the organization receives the client queries in the sort of tickets.



The tickets are received by service agents, and they should be fixed in time duration to give the most beneficial customer support. The service cloud salesforce allows the companies to follow, fix, and seals tickets efficiently.



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Some Important salesforce service cloud features:



Improves the Tickets Agent’s Production

While using this service cloud salesforce, Query ticket agents could log in and fix the issues from any place and the service console can be viewed from various devices like Mobiles and laptops. It improves the production of a Ticket agent, and client issues can be fixed on time.



Active Status Tracking

The agent can able to track the tickets more quickly and gets resolve them. With the support of the Service cloud, Agents can identify the duplicity of tickets.



Combining the Social Media Channels

The ticket agents are able to communicate with the clients on social media channels such as FB, Linkedin, etc. It supports developing and maintaining customer comfort.



Data Security

It is important salesforce service cloud features, using this salesforce Service cloud, the client data, communication, and other databases are completely protected. It runs on the multilayer concept to hold important data more secure.

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What is salesforce crm and how it helps your business?

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Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that brings customers and companies together. It helps to track customer activity (in real-time analytics) easily. It also helps to manage the growth and revenue streams. In 2020, Salesforce has multiple platforms such as app cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, health cloud, chatter cloud, analytics cloud, custom cloud, and many more. Learn What is salesforce crm and how it helps your business through Salesforce Training in Chennai support.

Salesforce has different cloud platforms that help organizations to interact with various capacities. In cloud-based service, an organization can access the data anywhere from the world.

Who should use CRM?

Everyone can use CRM, it has different editions like Enterprise, Group, Professional, and Performance (for sales cloud). Organizations can select CRM as per their need. 

Service cloud connects with customers easily, it also delivers premium service in a short duration.  Salesforce allows organizations to track customer journeys with multichannel marketing campaigns. A community cloud allows customers to interact with each other easily. Learn more about CRM cloud through Salesforce Online Course, experts teach you everything.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM technology helps to maintain all your company interactions with potential customers. This allows them to stay connected to customers for a while and it improves profitability in a short duration.

Salesforce is the global first company that implements cloud-based CRM software. It builds different applications for business. CRM mainly focuses on customer retention, executive customer acquisition, keeping their customer happy, and many more. Learn how to use CRM tools through the Salesforce Training in Bangalore support.

The market contains various types of customer management systems, including social media platforms, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business to Business (B2B). 

Salesforce Automation

It includes notifications, managing emails, tracking leads, approvals, and many more. This tool will handle all the automation required for service, marketing, and sales processes.