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Linen and its characteristics

Clothes made out of linen are comfortable to use. Linen is a natural vegetable fiber and has a huge amount of air porosity holes. Hence it makes it easier for the passage of air in and out of the clothes making it a comfortable wear for many. Hotel linen suppliers in Bangalore have a greater manufacturing unit that meets every need of the customer. 

Linen fiber is stronger than cotton:

Linen fiber is so popular because you get the same comfort as cotton. But the strength of the material is twice that of cotton fiber. Sportswear uses linen fiber owing to its strength and quality. Hence linen cloths are widely used in that area. 

Hand washable and dry cleanable:

You can wash the linen clothes according to your comfort. Dry cleaning is also easy nowadays. Making the line clothes from the linen fiber is a wise choice being made by the textile owners. 

Crisp feeling:

When you touch the linen clothes, you would get a crisp feeling with a different outlook and feel. Hospitals use linen to a greater extent. Hospital linen suppliers provide quality materials to the people in need. 

Tailors well:

Textile weavers easily make the linen fabric from the linen fiber, and also the tailors of the shop easily make dresses and suits out of this fiber. 


It has great absorbency and hence linen can be dyed well. The linen has poor elasticity and doesn’t regain its shape. 

Dyes and prints well:

It has an optimum efficiency in dyeing. Hence printing can be done easily with the linen material. The problems like print paste saturation and the discolored surface can be easily avoided with the help of this fiber. 

Lightweight to heavyweight:

All kinds of linen fabrics are available in the market. The fabric can be achieved in any weight as per the textile buyers requirement. 

No static or pilling problems:

If any fabric produces electricity while wearing it, then it won’t be comfortable to wear. People usually like to wear a fabric that is flexible and gives comfort. Linen is the type of fabric that has no static electricity and pilling problems.

Good abrasion resistance:

Linen fiber is supposed to have good strength. Hence it is said to have properties such as good abrasion resistance. Hotels use linen to a great extent. Hotel linen supplier provide quality material to the respective hotels. 

Linen fiber is strong, and draws heat from the body and withstands high temperatures. It is the smooth fiber that aids in comfortable wearing. 

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