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When the building speaks for itself it shows the talent and the experience of an architect. The art of designing is always immortal, the beauty should be perished. The architecture should adapt to timelessness  and should be open to all time and place. Architecture of a building should speak of its time and place.

So when deciding to study architecture courses one should first search for the best architecture college in Chennai.

Types of architect

Architects  are classified into different types such as residential architect, commercial architect, interior architect, green design architect, urban designer and industrial architect. With many options the job opportunity is also wide. But first one should write NATA exams. Only when you get a good score can you pursue your career in a reputed college. To write the exam well, people should join the best NATA coaching centre in chennai

Residential architect

Houses, apartments, villas and apartment buildings will come under the residential architect. It is a building designed to accommodate the residents. The architect will go and discuss with the customer and plan a design according to their requirement and then they plan and arrive at a suitable budget for all activities.

Commercial architect

The commercial architects are the ones who will design the commercial buildings such as office, shopping complex, hospital and other such non residential places. The architect should understand the codes of it and consider the financial and safety regulations.

Interior architect

The interior architect has a license so they should consider both the decor and the safety measure while designing. They need to have sufficient knowledge in combining the science of architecture along with creative design.

Green design architect

With the building activity the climatic condition is deteriorating so to avoid this the design should be made sustainable and environment friendly. They should consider the environmental aspects and build according to it.

Urban designer

The urban designers are the ones who plan and design for the whole city rather than one single house or shop. They will plan the whole area as to where the house or a shop will be constructed. The road and other pathways will also be designed by them.

Industrial architect

The industrial architect will design warehouse, powerplant, factory, storage buildings. They should understand the process occurring there and should incorporate and plan according to the convenience. They must consider all the safety regulations and plan the design to comply with all the necessary rules set by the respective authorities.

So with a wide variety of architectural courses there will be many job opportunities. So to obtain it first one should search for the top architecture college in chennai

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