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The hearing loss is caused due to the exposure of loud music or due to the ageing. However most of the people who are of age above 65 tend to have their hearing deteriorated. Not all the hearing aid problems can be treated by the doctors. The hearing loss is of three types they are

  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Mixed hearing loss

These can be treated in the hearing aid Centre in Chennai. Getting proper treatment will be advisable for any kind of problem.


There are two types of hearing aids

  • In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid
  • Canal hearing aid

In-the-ear hearing aid

For the mild and severe hearing problem in ear hearing aid is used. It is usually placed in the outer ear. Hard plastic is used in making of the case which holds the electrical compound. Telecoil feature is added in some of the in the ear machines. Rather than using the microphone to receive the sound, with the telecoil which is a magnetic coil the sound can be received through the circuit. So the conversation on the phone can be easily understood. The induction loop system is a feature which lets you hear in a public facility which is installed in the sound system.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

 As stated in the name this contains a hard plastic which is used for holding the aid. It is used to hold the aid from behind the ear and the ear mould is connected to it which is placed inside the ear. The sound traveled through the mould to the ear. This is used by people with mild hearing loss. The BTE consists of a new model that is the open fit hearing aid. It is fitted behind the ear and consists of a pipe with which it is sent inside the canal and it is left open. This is generally used for the people who have built up earwax.

Canal aid

The canal aid is classified into two types

  • In-the-canal hearing aid
  • Completely-in-canal hearing aid

The in the canal hearing aid is personalized and are made according to the shape of the person’s ear. The complete canal is placed inside the ear and is hidden to the view of others. Both hearing aids are made for the moderate hearing loss patients. It is not easy to adjust or remove by the person wearing it. As it is a small device so there is less space for the battery or addition of the telecoils. It is not recommended for children and those with severe hearing loss as it has less power with the small size of the machine.

One can also search for the hearing aid centre near me to know about all the possibilities of where they treat the hearing aid problem.

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