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What is AWS Cloud Service, and Why is it Important?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services in its entire form. It is a platform that offers scalable, adaptable, user-friendly, and affordable cloud computing solutions. AWS is an extensive, user-friendly computing platform made available by Amazon. Offering infrastructure services (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service helps build the platform (SaaS). If you are here to know more about What is AWS Cloud Service and Why is it Important? You can join AWS Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

The phrase “cloud computing” describes storing and using data over the Internet. It doesn’t keep any information on the hard drive of your computer. Data can be retrieved from a distant server through cloud computing.


  • Using Amazon Glacier is quite simple. It offers quick and secure data backup and storage.
  • Block-sized storage is offered by Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for usage with Amazon EC2 instances. Blocks in the Amazon Elastic Block Store are network-connected and independent of an instance’s lifetime.
  • The AWS Storage Gateway service links on-premises software applications to cloud-based storage. It enables safe integration of a business’s facilities with AWS’s storage infrastructure.

Database Services

  • The creation, maintenance, and expansion of a relational database in the cloud is simple with the help of the Amazon RDS database AWS service.
  • A quick and managed NoSQL database service is Amazon DynamoDB. It is a straightforward solution that enables economical data storage and retrieval. You can handle any volume of request traffic according to it.
  • An in-memory cache on the Internet can be quickly deployed, run, and scaled according to Amazon ElasticCache, a web service. Get the best AWS Training with certified Trainers at FITA Academy. Here, we offer the training with the recently updated syllabus in AWS Online Training; it also provides career guidance.

Management Services

  • You can watch AWS environments, including EC2, RDS events, and CPU consumption, using CloudWatch Watch. In accordance with a variety of criteria, it also sets off alarms.
  • Infrastructure can become a cloud by forming clouds. A complete production environment can be provided in a short period using templates.
  • An efficient way to check AWS resources is with CloudTrail. Recording all the changes is beneficial.
  • The Configuration Service monitors your environment. When you violate a specific, limited configuration, the tool gives notifications regarding changes.

Application Services

  • Step activities allow you to see what’s happening inside your program and the various microservices it uses.
  • Using the SWF (Simple Workflow Service) service, automated and human-led tasks can be combined.
  • Based on the AWS services offered, SNS (Simple Notification Service) may be used to send you messages by email and SMS.

Advantages of AWS

The benefits of utilizing AWS services are as follows:

  • According to AWS, organizations can use well-known programming languages, operating systems, databases, and architectural frameworks.
  • With no upfront costs or long-term obligations, it is a cost-effective service that enables you to pay only for the services you need.
  • You won’t need to pay for the maintenance and operation of data centers.
  • Provides quick deployments
  • It’s simple to increase or decrease capacity.
  • You have instant cloud access with limitless capacity.
  • The total ownership cost is very low compared to private/dedicated servers.
  • Billing and management are centralized.
  • You can easily and swiftly deploy your application across multiple locations. The practical sessions with live projects will be much helpful in developing your technical skills at AWS Training in Bangalore.

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