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what is sound engineering


Whenever you’re watching a movie, if a character is hearing something in the distance you will also hear it in the same distance. It is the work of the sound engineer. Sound engineering, in other words called audio engineering, is a branch of science. By definition sound engineering is the process of recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproduction of sounds. The major responsibility of a sound engineer is recording the audio coming from instruments, from natural or artificial sounds created in a folly studio. After recording the audio they will edit and mix the audio according to the requirements of the head. Without the work of a sound engineer a movie or a song will have a bland feel to it. In order to give a realistic feel to the film the sound engineer will tweak every audio aspects to get the exact feel of the film. In order to get this skill they are trained in the best Sound Engineering Colleges In India

Responsibilities Of A Sound Engineer:

If there is a song it is the job of the sound engineer to stylize the song. If you’re feeling the audio is moving in your head they had worked in that song to give such a feel. There are two major types of audio output which is stereo and mono but a sound engineer needs to work for more than these two outputs. Since the technology is growing rapidly there is a vast change in the audio formats.  There is Dolby atmos, IMAX, RDX and many more. The high budget movies such as the marvel movies require their movies to be created in all kinds of audio and video formats. In order to get a professional output there are Sound Engineering Courses In India for budding sound engineers. Even though sound engineers majorly work for the audio which will be played in the theaters but the effect diminishes in home viewing. Nevertheless with the increase in ott releases. The studios are demanding the sound engineers to create a 3 dimensional sound design since most of the viewers are using their headset to watch a movie. There is one specific movie which had a different sound design for the theaters and a different one for the digital release. It’s none other than “baby driver”. The theatrical release of that film had a basic theatrical sound design which had been done for a lot of the action movies through the years. But for the digital release the sound engineers did something remarkable. this can only be noted while watching the movie with headset.  When the protagonist listens to a song while wearing a headset we can also hear the same song, if he removes one of his headset while the song is playing the song will stop playing in the audience’s headset at the same time. If he unplugs his left ear the song will stop in the left headset and vice versa. This really blew big on the internet where everyone talked about this film which later brought so many awards for the film’s sound design. 


These are the factors that lifted the path of young minds to choose sound engineering as a career. Sound engineering requires a sharp mind to create a well designed film or song which can reach the audience and create an impact. With the increase in career growth there is an increase in competition. The Audio Engineering Courses In India can give a clear picture for the budding sound engineers to set their path in the field of sound engineering and also by joining the Music Production Colleges In India they can also start their career in both music and film sound designs.